Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our New Living Room

I have been meaning to put up pics of our new t.v and t.v stand, and today I finally took some pictures. Andrew and I had been planning for a while to buy a nice t.v set for our living room, and now that we have it we absolutely LOVE it! We went from big, bulky, and ugly projector screen to this nice new look.
Before: (Sorry this is a really bad picture of the before)


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well, the night of Friday, February 6th was very eventful. Andrew and I tripled with two other of our married friends to dinner and a movie (Taken- which was the best movie I have seen in a long time). We ended dinner slightly early, so we headed over to the University Mall to play the arcade "Mountain Fun" to waste our extra time. Two of the husbands ended up in a tournament for "Many Hoops" while we girls watched from behind- it was very close and a very intense shoot'um hoops. Monica and I were casually commenting about the close game when Joel (her husband) turns to us and asks, "Is that guys "thing" hanging out over his shorts?"
Monica and I wanted to look but he was standing right behind us, so we acted like we were heading across the arcade for another game. While we turned to walk away we quickly looked over, and sure enough IT was hanging out over his belt. WHAT A CREEP!
Once the guy realized we noticed him he began to walk out of the arcade, so everyone took quick action- Andrew let the manager know that this perv was walking around the store with children close by, and I ran out to follow the guy with 911 on my cell phone.
Well to quickly finish this exciting story, the manager was furious and followed the guy to "Greywhale" refusing to let him leave until the police showed up. During this time I was watching from outside "Greywhale" telling the 911 operator the circumstances of the situation.
Anyway, the guy was arrested, but most troubling was that he was arrested a week before for the same thing on a UTA bus! What a weirdo!
Needless to say, it was our "Pre" show before our Movie!