Friday, February 19, 2010

Babies in class?

Yesterday, as my most interesting and rowdy class was coming in from the bell, I heard a little wee cry and noticed a baby carrier. I assumed it was was one of those fake babies, so I nonchalantly asked, "Oh is that one of those fake babies for a class?" Well, the girl who was carrying the baby carrier said, "No, I'm just babysitting." She apparently thought it was no big deal. Of course I was confused, because why on earth would someone ask a high school student to babysit during 4th period? Of course, the whole class was mesmerized that there was baby in class saying, "Hey! A Baby!" or "How cute, a baby!" Really the whole thing was pretty funny... and random.
As I started my lesson for the day and talking to the students, the girl who was supposedly babysitting "SHHsh-ed" me saying, "Be quite the baby is sleeping," to which the whole class burst out laughing at the irony of the situation.
One of the funnier things that have happened, and just wanted to share!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Half-way there...

Next week is my half-way point of student teaching to graduation in April. Trust me I am keeping count! The experience started out a little shaky (which I heard from all my teacher peers that it's normal), but I am really starting to feel confidence in myself as a teacher. For all those who are not teachers, let me tell you... you have no idea how much work, time, and effort teachers put into the classroom. I have never ever been so exhausted in all my life... AND I am never done; the work never stops (well, until summer). On top of all the papers and test to grade and the time-consuming, mentally frustrating lesson planning, I have my own college classes every Wed. night and a huge load of senior projects to finish by graduation. As bad as it all seems sometimes (and yes teaching has made me cry), I am finding more and more that I really enjoy the job.
I love the funny stuff that students say, or when they actually enjoy the lesson and seriously, teachers do care if you like it... I try so hard to interest students and it is a little depressing when my lesson falls flat.
You definitely have to have your wits about you in this job... one day I was doing a mind game with the students and they had to multiply 5 and 9, and under the pressure I was, I quickly shouted out that is was 35 (which it isn't). So, one of the students corrected me and we all had a good laugh about how it's good I am an English teacher and not teaching math.
Well I wanted to post more, but my fourth period is about to start so guess I will catch up later.