Saturday, December 5, 2009

Student Teaching Assignment: I'm going....

Yes! It's finally here! I feel like I have been waiting forever... of course UVU had to wait till the very last minute of the entire semester to tell us, probably just to see how all us newbe student teachers could handle the suspense. But, yes I am so excited to tell you that I will be student teaching... (drum roll please...)
12th grade English at Spanish Fork High School.
If I am correct that will include regular senior English, AP English, and College English 1010, but I have not yet met with my cooperating teacher for all the details.

Honestly, I never thought student teaching would come. It always seemed so far away. Now that it's here I am both terrified and giddy; I was so excited in the UVU assignment meeting that I was making myself dizzy with turmoil. Wish me luck, I start Jan. 5th, 2010. Yippy!