Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Photos

Andrew's brother Nathan is amazing at photography, so we took advantage and they turned out

I loved these pictures a lot, especially with the effects Nathan added!

A Girl and her Dog!

These are under a bridge that is used only for snow melt. I really love how they turned out!

These are my two favorites! Andrew looks smokin' hot!

This was our funniest! Maggie was clean previous to muddy explorations.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am very excited to post that I have (after a very long list prerequisites, assessments, interviews and stress) been accepted to the Secondary Education Program! Yea! I start Jan. 2009 and I will graduate May 2010 -- hopefully. I have worked so hard and cried a lot, and by dang it I will make the best little English Teacher Utah has ever seen!
P.S. My blog is not grammatically correct and should not be used to judge my English ability!:)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Maggie's First Halloween

I have decided that Halloween is a lot more fun when you are the kid or you have kids. Last year we had NO trick-or-treaters and we were a little bummed. Hopefully this year we are more successful; so in preparation we bought a huge bag of candy and made sure Maggie looked the part in her cute pumpkin costume. Actually, Maggie hates her costume and goes biz-irk when she in it... it's so funny to see her try to get out of it!

Pioneer Village

I have been wanting to go to Pioneer Village in Salt Lake since I was a little girl... finally I convinced Andrew that we had to go! The park is soo amazing; they have some REAL homes and buildings (one of Brigham Young's houses) and some duplicates that are really fun to look at. They had people dressed up like pioneers and some acting the part-- the guy in our "coffin" pictures is an actual furniture maker, he makes some beautiful pieces all by hand (yes, he made the coffins)! Right before we left the park a huge parade of pioneers came through the center street of the town singing hymns and shooting guns, the group was a stake at the end of a pioneer treck... it was very cool to see. Unfortunately we arrived to the park at 4 and they close at 5 on Saturdays, so I felt a little cheated by time!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We adopted Maggie about 5 months ago, she is almost 8 months. We love her so much, she is so much fun! Andrew has been amazing about teaching her things... she roles over, shakes, begs, sits and other cute things. Although, I have to admit our favorite trick is peeing outside!


Andrew and I have finally decided to join the bandwagon, we are officially bloggers! So to begin our first blog, I wanted to catch up on our summer adventures. Andrew, being the outdoors "man vs. wild" guy that he is, loves to do as much as possible to fill our summer days with excitement. We love to go down to Andrew's parents and enjoy the great outdoors with their equipment and their company! Canoeing, fishing and exploring are always at the top of our list of enjoyable recreational summer activities. Here are pictures of Andrew and I with his parents, Liz and Farrell. Liz and I were both a little wary of the canoes, once we were in we realized how easily they could tip (of course to fully understand our fright you must know that our husbands like to scare us)... but soon after we started rowing we enjoyed a very dry ride.