Tuesday, October 27, 2009


These are the easiest and cheapest crafts you could possibly make, and yet they are so cute.

Supplies: mod podge
scrapbook paper
foam brushes (not the bristle kind)
cheap wooden frames or cut out
+ any artistic embellishments you want

For those of you who may not have mod podged before, it is really easy. Just cute out the paper to fit the frame or board, add mod podge with foam brush to the entire portion of wood, then lightly and carefully press the paper into place. After the paper is relatively dry, brush the outside of paper with mod podge and dry. Easy!

My mom and sister visited, and we had so much fun making our crafts. I wanted to get pictures of our messy crafts but forgot before they left, so these are all my crafts.

I added the letters and then chunky glitter.

The frames are way cheap at JoAnne's, only $2.00 and paper is usually only $.50 so this a relatively fun and yet cheap way to make a new look for bare walls.


Jess & Clay said...

I am loving your crafts! I've been in the crafty mood and have done some of those same things you did. I love your place by the way! Oh, and woot.com is awesome :) So is steepandcheap.com :) ha h

Mod Podge Amy said...

Very cute! You did a great job -

Toph and Brittany said...

Cute crafts!! I always love to do a craft. Also your house is looking really cute. I haven't been there for so long I haven't seen all of your new things you put up.

Tennille said...

I love crafts! We need to get together and make something fun while the guys play xbox. It has been way to long. Hope you are doing good.