Monday, October 19, 2009

Real Salt Lake

I decided quite awhile ago to surprise Andrew with a fun date. I thought for almost of month of stuff he would really like to do, and then the perfect idea came. "Of coarse, he's been wanting to go to RSL game ever since the new stadium was built." So, I began looking for tickets online. I wanted to make sure they were good seats (and since I had never been to a Real soccer game I had no idea what to expect), so I was often pulling up online stadium maps trying to decide how much to spend and where to sit. I was definitely getting excited. I started to imagine how happy he would be when we would dramatically drive up to the stadium parking lot and he would realize what kind of date I had planned for him. It was going to be perfect.
Clever as I thought I was, my angst for revealing my little secret became overbearing (I really can't keep a good secret from Andrew, and usually end up ruining my own surprises from excitement) til I finally had to tell. He liked my surprise, but (not surprisingly) already knew because I had left a paper trail of evidence on the computer of stadium seating maps.

Our little date night adventure was so fun. The game was so amazing. The fans at soccer games are like nothing I have ever seen. In one section there were several people with big flags and drums, and the ENTIRE game they beat on those drums, waved their flags, and jumped in a synchronized rhythm. I was very impressed with their energy and loyalty for RSL.

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Jess & Clay said...

Sweet date Linds! I'm jealous - I wish I would have gone to a game when I lived down there! I love soccer games!